Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Mighty Work and a Mighty Worker

After returning from India last month I wanted my friends to experience a little taste of the exotic and fascinating world I had just been to, so last week we invited a bunch of friends over to our house for an Indian Party. We played music from India, wore Indian clothes, burned some incense, and my wife spent the day (and a couple of days before) preparing Indian food: nan (I know this one, it’s a type of warm flatbread), basmathi rice, mutton vindalu (really spicy), chicken curry, Hyderabadi tarkari, aloo mutter, keema fry, vegetable kurm (you’ll have to ask Liesl about all the rest of these. I just know they tasted good. Everyone else agreed with me…)

Then, after the meal, I showed a slide show about my trips to India and a little about the ministries I worked with over there. (That's my beautiful family in the one pic, and my daughter's lovely friend Sydney in the other.)

During my ten days in India I was privileged to speak at the very first service at a newly-built church, help train writers from various international ministries, lead seminars for Sunday School teachers as well as for a ministry that produces a VBS program each summer for 4 million children. I also spoke at church in a leprosy colony, and told stories at two schools for children who live in slums.

As an added surprise, one of the pastors from India was visiting the states and was able to join us for the party! I first met Caleb last year on my first trip to India. I knew a little about his ministries there, but our mouths dropped open when he nonchalantly mentioned he had started 110 churches in the last ten years in areas of India where there were no Christians at all before.

Then Caleb began to share stories about seeing God heal people miraculously, casting out demons, and about two of his evangelist friends who had been murdered because of their work. We were speechless and humbled. “God has opened mighty doors,” Caleb told us. “He is doing a great work.”

Yes he is, my friend. And so are you.

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