Saturday, June 09, 2007

Here's The Pawn Trailer

Part of my brain is still stuck in the 20th century and it took me a couple of days to figure out how to add the video to my blog. Alas, here it is!

Btw, thanks to all the folks at Revell Publishing for inviting me to meet with them in Michigan last week. They were amazingly supportive and encouraging. The coffee was good. The food was good. And I'm excited to see what unfolds. You guys rock! (Or as we say here, "All y'all rock!")

Also, thanks to Kyle Long who produced the trailer. If you want to check out more of his work, go to


Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT DAD!! - Cloggirl

Jonathan Woodard said...

its not working. It seems to be removed.

Amber said...

I'm reading the book now and love it. In fact, I should be sleeping now but I'm in the middle of your book and don't want to stop. The video is amazing too!