Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Bare-Naked Prayers

Sorry to drop off the radar screen for the last two weeks. I was working on completing my next non-fiction book, Bare-Naked Prayers. I just sent it in last night and over the next couple months, I will be dropping some of the prayers in here in the blog. In my next post, we’ll get back to competition. I have some new thoughts to share. Until then, here’s one of the prayers that will be included in my new book:

O Wind of Truth,
O Breath of Comfort,
O Spirit of the Living God,
you have sought me through
time and space
Captured, enraptured me with your love.
Now the earth chains lay heavy
around my feet.
What else can I do?
I blossom at your touch.


TAMI said...

Thank you. "I blossom at your touch" - beautiful and TRUE.

Marie said...


I love these prayers..... can't wait to get my hands on the book!

I share about how your book 'Sailing Between the Stars' has and is affecting me on my blog. http://thewingdreamer.blogspot.com/

I bought a copy for a guy who is the Ex-husband of a friend of mine. He is going through the suffering of colon cancer at 44-years-old. Your book is touching his heart.

Thank you and may the mysterious God continue to allow His thoughts to flow out of you an onto paper.....


I am about to send my blog out to a lot of people so they'll know about and be touched deeply by your writing!!