Sunday, April 26, 2009


My daughters and I spent some time outside today in the absolutely beautiful spring weather here in eastern Tennessee.

Smelling the day. The flowers. The sunlight. It reminded me of how important it is to drink in each moment deeply. To experience life, to enter it, embrace it.

In reference to the idea that all of God's love, all of his presence is available each moment, Jean-Pierre De Caussade, a Jesuit priest in the early 18th century, wrote, “So every moment of our lives can be a kind of communion with his love.... This tremendous activity of God, which never varies from the beginning to the end of time, pours itself through every moment and gives itself in all its vastness and power to every clear-hearted soul which adores and loves it and abandons itself without reserve to it.”

Every moment all of the riches of eternity are available.

I needed a spring day to remind me of that once again.


John said...


Here's to an "every moment" moment I had as I stopped by your blogspot. Thank you for the potent words from a saint who continues to cheer us on from heaven's grandstand (Heb 12:1).

Also, loved the reports from the field on your recent trip. I love hearing about others missions experiences!



Anonymous said...

Interesting concept--it's hard to grasp, though. Is it truly possible that ALL of eternity would be available? I guess maybe its just our reception of it that's limited by our humanity?

Anonymous said...

I have been encouraged to seek the Lord more and have fallen even more deeply in love with Him. Thank you for being faithful with the gift God has given you.

God Bless!