Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Spreading the News

Our cyberworld is connecting people better than ever believed possible. It has allowed me to interact with readers of my books like never before. Each day, I hear from people around the world who have read my books. Some have questions. Some have a bone to pick. Some simply loved the books and wanted to let me know. Well, just as the Web allows people to connect, it can also cause them to drown. With millions of other websites out there, millions of other authors, it’s easy to get lost. If you’re looking for a practical way to help spread the word about my books, consider one of these easy things to do:

1. Word of mouth—always the best.
2. “Like” Steven James on Facebook at sjamesauthor.
3. Post an online book review. (A single review can go a long way. Copy and paste it to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, CBD and Goodreads.)
4. Make sure your book stores and libraries carry my books. If not, request them to do so.

Thanks for your support!


:)De said...

I discovered The Patrick Bowers Files this past summer and I am hooked! Talk about impulse buying Ha Ha Ha! My Kindle makes it so easy and your writing keeps me wanting more. Imagine my surprise to find you have a blog.

I have so many questions, but will just stick with saying, "Hello" and letting you know how happy I am to be reading this series.


Ellie Joy said...

I really love your stories! I'm amazed at how your characters come out of the page, and the dialogue *gasp* actually sounds like real people talking. It's nice to find an author who writes for the art of storytelling rather than trying pretentious tricks just to impress his audience. Thanks for your honest writing and thoroughly enjoyable novels :)