Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Song Around Me

This morning I was reading through Psalm 32 and I noticed that verse 7 says (about God), "You are my hiding place; will protect me from trouble, and surround me with songs of deliverance." A few verses later it says that his unfailing love "surrounds the man who trusts in him."

God sings around me. He surrounds me with love.

Today I'm going to remember that whatever else surrounds me--stress, frustrations, computer problems, car trouble, bad weather, bad breath and barking dogs, that I'm surrounded by something more powerful. Unfailing love.

And I'm going to listen today too. Maybe I'll hear snatches of the song. A few notes that will teach my heart a new kind of harmony.

And who knows. Maybe others will begin to hear it too.

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Scott Appleton said...

This could also be said to tie in to the way that simply enjoying nature can bring you closer to God. Just being surrounded with his unaltered creation, can bring peace and clarity of mind. ...Good article!

John said...

I'm listening too. Found you by way of Paul at But a Poor Reflection. Glad I did. I'll be back.