Saturday, January 26, 2008

Visiting the Land of the Calgarians

This weekend I’m in Edmonton, Alberta presenting at Breakforth Canada, a ministry conference with, the last I heard, over 15,000 registered. That's a lot of Canadians to pack into one auditorium. I only wish I knew more about hockey so I could actually converse with them.

Yesterday I heard someone call her friend a Calgarian, and I thought she was referring to some sort of race of aliens from Star Trek, but then I found out it just means someone from Calgary. I asked her if someone from Edmonton is called an “Edmontarian” but she told me no, if they were they wouldn’t be allowed to eat meat.

Well, there you go.

I was really moved by Erwin McManus’s message last evening as he talked about the beauty and tragedy of life--the paradox of the human condition. I felt a real connection, since I’d written some of the same thoughts in Story and Sailing Between the Stars. Check out his site, or the site of Mosaic, the church he serves in L.A. I think I've found a kindred spirit.

It's been a great trip, great people, and I even found a great little Indian restaurant that served great red curry chicken. Which tasted alot better than Calgarian stew.


Susanna said...

This is the first year in 5 I've missed breakforth. I'm glad you were moved. I'm sure you touched many people as well.
BTW I happen to be a very proud Canadain who cares a heck of a lot more about football than hockey so you can converse with me anytime... ahem... leave your prejudice at the border please (wink)We're from a different country, not a different planet. (yes said with some humor and some seriousness)

MarkLee said...

Hey Steven, I play guitar for Third Day and we were at Breakforth also. I think we must have just missed you. Anyway, wanted to let you know I'm a big fan of "Story" and look forward to checking out the new one.

Steven James said...


Thanks for the props. It would have been great to connect. You have a big fan on this end too. Keep the faith.

Hey Susanna,

I meant no disrespect. I've loved all my trips to Canada and I love all my Canadian friends. And if it makes you feel any better, I'm sure you know much more about football than I do.
Take care.

Susanna said...

honest I was teasing! I get just as defensive when my canadian friends tease my american heritage ;-) My dad is from Ohio and my mom is from Idaho...
byw did you get out before the blizzard hit?