Saturday, March 03, 2007

Amazing India

Just a quick note today since I'm having trouble getting and staying online.



Outside my window I hear the hum of the cars and the constant beeping of horns on the streets of Hyderabad, here in the heart of south Asia. I'll be here until the 12th of March teaching, writing and speaking at some ministries. It's so breathtaking and overwhelming. Colors and sights and sounds swirl everywhere. So fantastic.

Both heartwarming and heartbreaking when you see the extreme poverty. Hundreds of families living together in slums, under homes made of sticks and rags. Last night we visited a school for the ragpickers—children who can't afford school so different ministries provide for them to attend. They're called rag-pickers because they walk around each day picking up garbage looking for bits and pieces to sell or recycle to buy enough food for supper. I told them stories and was blessed to see them laugh.
Today I taught a group of 40 Sunday School teachers creative storytelling techniques to children. It was so much fun listening to the kind women and men of India read my stories in an accent I never imagined hearing them in before! They loved acting out the stories—goofy actions don't need a translator! Then I did a quick taping of a sermon for a television show that is broadcast throughout Asia. Tomorrow I'll be preaching at a leprosy church and then Monday – Friday teaching writing.

I'm so in love with the people here. So kind. So warm and helpful.

In my last posting I mentioned my friend Cec's home burned down. He was the one who told me about this opportunity to teach writing here. He used to be the teacher before I came. Please do pray for him and for my words tomorrow at the leprosy church. I will be preaching about John 10:10—how Jesus came to give us a full life. For all of us. No matter what our circumstances.