Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Edge of Heaven

Here's the picture of the home of a family of eight in Guatemala City—two parents and six children.

The father gave up a day's income to take off work so he could meet us and thank us.

His wife made us treats and welcomed us with a kiss.

And as I looked around their hovel I thought back to the view from the resort. Earlier in the day I'd thought it was like a glimpse of heaven. But when I saw the thanks on his face and the love in her eyes, I knew I'd been mistaken.

That wasn't a glimpse of heaven.

This was.

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Tannis said...

This reminds me of my trip i took to the dominican last summer to help build a community centre, help out with clinics, and fix up/build homes for the locals.
it was an experience i will never forget.